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Olabide Ikastola is a Basque not-for-pro­ t, public interest parent cooperative of the social economy.

The school offers regulated education and extra-curricular activities to its pupils, ranging from Infant Education to Upper Secondary Education, with both services and facilities geared towards meeting parents’ needs.

The school offers a high quality, plurilingual and personalised education, with a view to guiding and preparing our pupils for the challenges that face them both now and in the future.

Olabide Ikastola works alongside parents to provide an all-round education for their children, using our immediate environment – knowledge of the Basque language and culture – as a starting point and with an open-minded approach to the world, working on and developing Christian and social values such as humanism, a critical sense, solidarity, cooperation, responsibility and respect for the environment.

The actions of the school are rooted in continuous improvement and innovation, taking an active part in the city of Vitoria –Gasteiz and in the province of Álava in living and bringing to light the Basque identity in the hope that the different generations of pupils who have studied in Olabide Ikastola will have fond memories of their schooldays.


Olabide Ikastola aspires to maintaining its stable nature, preserving the essence of the school as part of the social economy:

- strengthening its status as a reference school in the Basque Country,
- producing competent students for further education and for coping with life, with a commitment to innovative and multilingua teaching,
- bolstering the trust and satisfaction levels of parents and pupils alike, and
- contributing to the progress of the society in which we live, actively involved in sustainability and promoting the spoken Basque language and Basque culture.

Ethical principles and values

1) Teamwork. We all collaborate with each other to deliver the same objective.

2) Parent-focused. We know our customers and we make an effort to know what’s important for them.

3) Continuous improvement/ innovation. We improve on the basis of what we learn through experience.

4) Results-focused. We focus our efforts on delivering objectives in an ef­ cient and effective manner.

5) Change management. We advocate and explain that change represents an opportunity to improve.

6) Perseverance-Commitment. We don’t get put off by obstacles we may ­ nd in our way.

7) Empathy. We make an effort to identify the feelings tied in with behaviour and act accordingly.

8) Ethics-Sincerity. Our relationship with others is based on respect and trust.

9) Commitment to our Basque identity through mainstreaming the Basque language and promoting Basque culture and traditions. We make an effort at all times to be coherent and loyal to our founding objective.